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Century 21 Nature Isle Realty

Top Flr #28 Kennedy Ave Roseau Dominica

Century21 Nature Isle is the franchisee of the worlds best known realty brand, Century 21. Century 21 are the first international realty brand to launch in Dominica and the principals are all Dominicans who have a strong investiture in the success of the local franchise and the country. Nature Isle Realty is the local company entrusted with carrying the standards and brand of Century 21 in Dominica. Stuart Shillingford is Chief Technical Officer of W.P. Stewart. W.P. Stewart is a global investment advisor that has provided equity management services since 1975 and is headquartered in Bermuda, with offices in New York, Europe and in Asia (Japan). Geoffrey Guye is an entrepeneur and principal in N2N Distributors, PixnPhones, and Freestyle Inc. Geoffrey has a BEng from Ryerson University. N2N Distributors is a distribution and holding company which manages brand distribution and sales for companies such as Xerox and Digicel in Dominica. FreeStyle Inc is a full service advertising agency operating throughout the Caribbean region. Kenny Green is a principal in N2N Distributors, PixnPhones and FreeStyle Inc. Kenny has a BSc from University of East London.

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